This video below sums up what my vision of college is today. Although I strongly believe COLLEGE IS IMPORTANT, colleges today private and even state or city colleges is not what I envisioned my college to be when I graduated high school.

The main reason why I am attending two sessions this summer is because my father agree to pay for them.  I do not have the economic means to pay for them even if I was employed.  All together the CUNY tuition increase (including the additional material fee for the course…. If you didn’t get that email along with prices I will gladly email it to you) and textbook scams are infuriating.

I just visited the bookstore to check on the prices for a book needed for the next session and I have to spend an average of 140 dollars on two books for roughly three weeks.  Since this class starts July 2nd I will have to make copies of the book in the meantime. It is insane how colleges and textbook publishers are pairing up to market books specifically for their college courses also known as “custom textbooks”.  In addition every year another version of the same textbook  is in the market and most of the time the newer version is REQUIRED.  In the end, we the students cannot save money nor profit from a brand new book purchased not even four months ago.

I’m just glad this class does not require a textbook.